Military Families Ministry

Cards and Letters
to deployed troops


Show your support to our service members by making cards or writing letters or get your church or community group to participate.  Many service members are deployed to locations with limited communications, and some have little to no family support.  Receiving a card or letter in the mail is a very important source of encouragement for our troops serving away from their homes and families.   


Interested in helping out with a card-making or letter writing project? 

Follow these guidelines:

1. Pick a group of people that you will ask to make cards or write letters  (churches, schools, boy scouts, girl scouts, veterans groups, other community groups).
2. Give the group a timeframe to complete the project.
3. Cards and letters can be addressed to "Dear Soldier or Service Member".
4. Cards and letters should not be dated.
5. Cards and letters from children should not contain any personal contact information.  For schools or groups with children participants, use the school or group's contact information.
5. If the writer would like a reply from the soldier, ask for a reply in the letter and provide a self address-stamped envelope.
6.  Go to the
contact us page and tell us how many cards or letters you have ready to send.  We will contact you and provide mailing instructions.

Thank you for making cards or writing letters to our service members






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