Military Families Ministry


We are mothers of service members in the United States Armed Forces.

Our enlisted children received the best training in the world for their job in the Armed Forces.  
We were not offered any training for our role as the parent of a service member. 

When they deployed to war zones, they went confidently and ready to fulfill their mission.  
As their mothers, we were unaware and unprepared for the emotional battle we would face. 

Our kids had squad leaders to guide them, we had no one.  


  Message from our founders:

~Tracie Ciambotti

    My son enlisted in the Army two days after he graduated from high school in 2005.  Five months later, he was on his way to Baghdad. I didn't know when or if  I would ever see him again.  Over the next few weeks, I found myself in a very unfamiliar and uncomfortable place.  I was scared for my son's safety-for his life.  I didn't know exactly where he was, what he was doing, or when I would hear his voice again.  Every news report of soldier deaths brought more fear and sadness.  I felt like I was falling into a deep dark place and could not see any way out.  I didn't feel like there was anyone who understood what I was going through.  

    God met me during this time in a remarkable way, a story that I share in a book I wrote about being an Army mom. Battles of the Heart: Boot Camp for Military Moms, (2012 West Bow Press) was released in February 2012. My experience created such a passion in me for military families.  I want to help another mom get through her child's deployments.  I want to support service members who are sacrificing every day for my freedom.  I want to show God's love to military families and help them to be successful at home while their loved one is at war.  I know that the entire family serves with the soldier, airmen, marine,  coast guardsman, and sailor.  MFM supports the entire military family.


~ Paula Parker
    My daughter joined the Marine Corp as a reservist just a few days after graduating from high school.  I was so proud of her.  Boot camp was an eye opening experience and we found ourselves thrust into military life very quickly and unprepared.  A few months after completion of boot camp, my daughter announced that she had volunteered to go on active duy and was deploying to Iraq.  Her decision changed my family's life forever. I became a family readiness volunteer in an attempt to get connected.  I learned about the seven cycles of deployment, and I experienced every one of them.  The anxiety during the deployment was overwhelming, I couldn't watch the news,  I couldn't pick up the phone and call my daughter, I didn't know if she was okay.  It was very frightening.
    During this time, God led me to Tracie while her son was on his second deployment.  She was someone who really understood where I was and how I felt.  I was already part of a very supportive church family, but connecting with another military mom, who dealt with the same feelings and emotions I had, really made a difference.  No one should have to go through military life alone.  Families serve alongside their service member.  They are on the front lines and we are behind them, but we serve with them.  The moms, dads, brothers, sisters, children, spouses, and grandparents--we all serve together.  We all experience the sacrifices and heartaches through boot camp, deployments, and reintegration when deployments end.  Then the cycle starts over with training for the next deployment.   I want to help military families through these cycles...we can do this--together.


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